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Toys and Tools

A 3D topography editor with a 'random topography' function:

The Fractal Toy:

Flash Games: Apple Jacks

I've had the wonderful opportunity to make many Flash video games for Kellogg's. In which I've gotten to build physics systems, a programmatic tweening engine, lighting effects, a sound mixer, sprite based 3D environment systems and a lot of other really fun stuff.
Here are some highlights from the games I've made for the Apple Jacks brand:

Flash Games: Froot Loops

From the many Flash games I've made for Kellogg's here are a couple of my favorites for the Froot Loops brand:

I designed, illustrated and built this site for the film Handsome Zombies. A web-release film in seven episodes produced by Subjective Films a wing of The Subjective Theatre Company. A dynamic site with alternate content, a liquid layout, drag-able and re-sizable custom video player and drag-able and re-sizable text pages.

Site for the Subjective Theatre Company. They needed a site that was dynamic, very expandable, novel, artistic and that reflected their populist, fringe aesthetic. They are very pleased with the result.

Site for a design/build group specializing in high-end installations and events. Designed by Brooklyn Guild, built by Branching. As with all of my sites, I built a custom content management system for including a 3-D drag-and-drop image positioning system for the portfolio page, available here:
and in the process developed a 3D topography editor:

For Casa Dragones Tequila I built more than a site, it was a framework of customizable page forms fed from a dynamic back-end content management system; very expandable, easy to update and modify. It also included an HTML implementation of the same design for elegant degradability and an age verification gateway that was search engine friendly, didn't interfere with Flash detection, allowed for deep-linking and didn't rely on cookies.

Site for Brian Walls Designs, a glass art and design studio. In addition to content organization, the design and development of the front-end I also built a full content management system complete with image upload, cropping and sizing, a tool to justify text along an angular margin and much more.

A travel blog for Zack Mannheimer on his two month excursion across the U.S. to find in which city to open his theater/restaurant/bar.

Des Moines Social Club

Zack decided on Des Moines. This was the site for raising funds and gathering public interest in the Des Moines Social Club.

Plumb Square

A simple site for a custom fabrication company.

The Website for my print design.

Quick Technique Examples

A Quick Interval Animation Example:

A Quick Emboss Lighting Effect:

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